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 The legend of the Things

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PostSubject: The legend of the Things   Sun Nov 11, 2012 11:40 am

The Legend of the Things

By Zack, crudely edited by Brick


The Holy Order of the Things; a great a noble order. This is the tale of how they came to be, and the hardships they faced, how they withstood the test of time, how they came to be closer then family, and how they saved the world, and at times, each other, from certain Destruction. This is The Legend of the Things.

Chapter 1: A Fallen Ranger

We begin our story with MasterZack, who would later become Thing 1, one of the original two members. Zack was borne in a small village on the Ice forest, the northernmost forest in the north western province of Dunshell, known to be the harshest province in the empire. Dunshell changed with the seasons, in the winter it was cold and harsh with snow everywhere, avalanches and blizzards were common. It was warm and temperate in the summer, but still no less dangerous. The province can be divided into three distinct sections. The northern part was covered in forests and mountains, the central part was mainly tundra, and the southern, most hospitable part was fields and foothills that lead to the mountains separating Dunshell from its neighboring eastern and southern provinces. This meant the Dunshell was cut off in a way from the rest of the empire.

Masterzack lived on a farm, outside of the Ice forest, the biggest Forest in the province. The Ice forest was as old as the region itself, and full of Pines and old oaks. The forest had a reputation for being haunted. At night you could hear strange sounds coming from it. The old oaks also gave it a spooky feeling which was enhanced by the many scattered ruins from previous ages. Masterzack did not really care, he enjoyed wondering the forest during the day, and sometimes at night as well, whenever he could get away from his farm work. His constantly being in the forest gave him special senses: for one he was able to move silently and had sharpened vision; he was able to pick up the smallest amount of movement even in heavy foliage. Unfortunately this drew the other kids away from him, so he had a very lonely childhood. His only real friend being a wolf pup he had saved from a hunters trap. The wolf was white as snow with big yellow eyes, almost invisible. MasterZack came across it one morning while wondering the forest. Its paws were bloody where the trap had bitten into its skin and torn its muscle.

Masterzack ran up to the animal as fast as he could, and found a sturdy stick to pry the trap open with. What he found was grotesque. The trap had bitten into the dog’s thigh, and blood was running all over the place. The wolf was lucky all of its blood had not yet bled out, and it was still alive. Masterzack ran as fast as his legs would carry him back to his house and grabbed a piece of white cloth, then wrapping the cloth tight around the wound to try and stop the bleeding. Once he was satisfied at his job at bandaging the wound, he took the wolf pup to the barn, and continued taking care of it, keeping it well out of sight and well hidden, so as not to risk it being seen by the villagers or his parents. Every day for the next three weeks he would go out to the barn and take care of the pup, him and the wolf bonding all the while. Eventually the wolf, was able to walk again, it never left Zack's side, though it was always out of sight if they weren't alone. Zack noticed this and named him Ghost, because he was deathly quiet and damn near invisible, just like Zack was when he wanted to be. The Wolf became his lifelong companion, as they did everything together. One was never far from the other.

Over the years Master Zack also had become an excellent archer, one of the best in is small Village of Turtle Lake, though he nor anyone else knew that. As well as gaining skill with the bow, all the time he spent in the forest also gave him the chance to track a lot of game, so he became an expert tracker as well. He continued to become nimble each and every day as well.


One cold winter day, snow having just fallen, Zack was resting on a tree, one leg propped up on a branch the other hanging down below him, his heavy leather armor keeping him warm, as his wolf slept in the snow below him, sometimes kicking in some faraway place in his dreams. Suddenly there was a loud racket in the distance. Master Zack was up instantly, and grabbed his short bow that rested against the tree, also putting the leather straps that held his knives on as well. The wolf was up instantly as well and ready to jump at anything that moved. Master Zack Deftly jumped from tree to tree, his wolf following on the ground below him, until he spotted a small clearing ahead. In it were a small group of Brigands ushering hostages around. There was a broken cart on the ground and a villager lying on the ground. Zack guessed that one of the brigands wanted his way with her but she had fought back, and thus crashed into the cart resulting in the racket he had heard. The girl was about 17 and with dark red hair falling to her shoulders. She was dressed in the same rags as the others... the brigands were obviously heading to sell them as slaves, though slavery was Illegal in the empire. As Zack watched the brigand walked slowly towards her, unsheathing his sword, obviously intending to do what the fall had not done - kill her.

Master Zack put a hand up, telling his wolf to stay put, as he crept closer taking his bow and knocking an arrow ready to take the brigand out. Slowly he took aim, hitting any of the villagers was not a choice. He held his breath and let the arrow fly. The steel tipped arrow slammed in to the brigands chest sending him fly backwards, before anyone could move he had loosed three more arrows taking out two more of the brigands.... now he jumped down and drew his hunting daggers and killed another one before any one realized he was there. When they saw him however, they all charged him.

"GO!" he shouted to the villagers as the fought the Brigands off giving them some time. Every one ran save the girl who was lying on the ground. One brigand was able to get behind him and knock him to the ground, he raised his sword to finish Zack, when a white flash leapt over the brigand knocking him to the ground. Ghost stood over the brigand, teeth clamped over his neck, and with a sing crunch, the wolf opened of the man’s throat, sending blood everywhere as the man’s life force slowly drained from his body. That moment of distraction was all Zack needed as he leapt to his feet and took out the remaining brigands. After the battle Zack went over to the girl who was wounded, she had made her way under a tree beneath some low branches and was hiding. Zack offered her his hand and she shrunk from it, going back as far as she could. MasterZack slowly got on his hands and knees and put his hand gently on her head.

"It’s alright", he said,

"No one is going to hurt you."

The girl seemed to trust him and she got out slowly, Master Zack helping her. Now that he could get a good look at her he noticed her leg was beat up and badly bruised, probably from her fall. Zack helped her up, and she put all of her wait on him so as not to injure her leg any further.

"What is your name" he asked her. "Do you live around here?"

The girl just stared at him, and shook her head. "Alright let’s get you to the village then," he said. With that he whistled and his wolf came running to his side, the girl flinched at the sight of him, but Zack said gently "it’s alright he’s mine... go on you can pet him if you want." With that the girl slowly reached out her hand and touched the fur on the head... she seemed to ease up a little and petted the wolf some more. The wolf seemed to have a calming presence as she petted him. They were almost to the Village when the girl spoke up:

"My name is Ashley she said, ".... what’s yours?"

"I don't have one" Zack replied. The girl remained silent for a while... then said but you must go by something.. . What do your friends call you?"

“I have no friends... I am alone.... except for him" Master Zack said, pointing to his wolf. "How do you like the name Zack then..... Or how about Master Zack?"

That is what I shall call you then" she said. Master Zack just shrugged and continued helping her along the small trail.

It was nighttime before the Village was in sight, and the pain had worn off somewhat so that Ashley could stand on her own, but Zack stayed close just in case. "Thank you for saving me" she said as they entered Turtle Lake Village. "Think nothing of it" Zack said agitated, he did not like being in the village... his home was the forest, where he was free and not looked down upon. They came to the healer’s house and Zack helped Ashley in. Ashley walked up to the doctor slowly and said

“Excuse me sir, but this man saved me and I need help," when she turned around to introduce MasterZack he was gone, like he had never been there. "Ahh, that boy hmm, he is a strange one, he does not spend much time in the village, he is looked down upon by a lot of us but, he has a good heart, I am sure you will be seeing him again sometime" Ashley spent the rest of the night wondering what had happened to him.

MasterZack walked slowly back to his parent’s farm and hoped on to the roof above his room and slowly climbed in, and slept for the rest of the night, the wolf hiding under his bed.

The next morning, was Zack's 18th birthday. As usual, there was no party or anything special fort him -- he was just ignored as usual. He went out to the Ice Forest, and went to the battle ground of the previous day. The bodies were still lying on the ground, a fresh layer of snow covering them. They had finally began to rot -- the smell was disgusting, causing Zack to gag somewhat and pull his cloak over his face in an effort to keep the stench out. Master Zack left the clearing and climbed up a tree to rest and listen to the sounds of the forest, but he could not shake the feeling that someone was following him watching him. Why anyone would be interested in him was beyond him..... After all he was just a lonely wanderer, without a family and without a true home. Master Zack stretched out on the tree limb and let his mind wonder, off to the right he saw movement, it looked like a human figure, female, limping somewhat, but still over all very well at keeping herself hidden. Master Zack chided his dog to stay calm, and he got up and moved stealthy into position, and when the person came under him, he jumped landing on them and pinning them to the ground, a dagger to their throat. Master Zack was surprised; it was the girl he had rescued the previous morning.

Master Zack got off of her and helped her to her feet, and said, rather harshly "why are you following me? What do you want?"

"I just wanted to know what you were who you were; you did save my life and the other villagers lives as well."

Master Zack glared at her for a moment, then said,

“you do not need to know anything about me, I am a loner a wanderer, I shall soon fade out of your life as fast as I came into it."

"Come on don't be that way" Ashley replied to him shaking her head and smiling, “also I heard it was your birthday, happy Birthday Zack"

“Where the hell would you have heard that? I don't even exist to the towns people, they hate me, they would rather I stay away from them... they have no reason to do anything for me... besides it’s just a day, nothing more." Said Zack, not meaning to be rude… but sounding somewhat harsh.

"Well the doctor seemed to like you, though he might be the only one... and I like you too..." she said. Master Zack glared at her.

"I have no time for friends… I live alone and I like it that way, that wolf is the only friend I need."

"But surely you must get lonely sometimes, or jealous, or something like that." Master Zack sighed and gave in a little “I admit I do sometimes, but I like my life the way it is"

"Come on let someone else into your life for once" Ashley pestered him even more.

"I said let me be, I am nothing but trouble, you would do well to forget I ever existed"

"I think differently" Ashley said back, " and I am not leaving here until I at least get to thank you properly for saving me" " You already did, and I don't need thanks."

"Well I am still not leaving," she said stubbornly. Master Zack let out a deep sigh "fine come along if you want" "Okay, she shouted with glee."

Over the next two years Master Zack and Ashley grew increasingly closer, at first he found her a bit annoying and almost unbearable, but soon enough she grew to like her. She became his only friend, and a very close one at that, he knew he could confide and depend on her, and she with him. They travailed the forest together, the two of them and the wolf. Master Zack eventually stayed away from his house completely, sleeping in the woods, building his own cottage there. By the time he was twenty, he and Ashley had married.

They lived happily together.

But it ended all too fast, and soon Zack was once again alone and even more despaired than ever. A few years after his marriage, a rogue group of bandits attacked the cottage, and they had killed his wolf, his two children and his wife. Master Zack was devastated. He was depressed for 3 days, until with a strong force of will, he was able to pull himself out of it. Now he was out for blood, he would make them pay for what they did to him and his family.... blood would be spilled. They took everything from him, the only things he had ever loved, the only things that had ever loved him and made his life worthwhile. He tracked the bandits down, and murdered every single one of them after torturing them to his pleasure, the last thing they saw was the fire in his eyes, and they knew their end had come and there was nothing they could do about it. They had awoken a beast, and one that could not be tamed.

After his dirty work was complete, Zack went back to his home, ashes where the house once stood and mad a memorial, and he promised himself, whatever the cost he would protect the innocent and the weak, he would not let this tragedy befall others. After that was done he left the forest, returning rarely over the next year. Eventually the Kings rangers got a hold of him, and he joined their ranks, moving quickly up the ranks with his superior leadership and combat abilities. While he was with the rangers he felt since of duty and pride and fulfillment, unfortunately, he became a fallen ranger, one that has been cast out when a mission went horribly wrong, all the blame fell on his shoulders. They were supposed to rescue a high value prisoner, but they had failed to detect an ambush and it went downhill from there, two rangers dead as well as the high value prisoner.

Now master Zack is 21 and spends his time wondering the country doing what he can to keep people safe, but he still carries the since of regret and failure. He is still lonely. He was never able to find anyone or anything to fill the void left by the ones he lost.

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Chapter 2:
Enter Liliana/Coolea

This chapter is written by Liliana

Now we go to Liliana, who would go on to become Thing 0, the founder of the things.

South of Dunshell, on the other side of the mountains, lies the province of Kinza. Although the eastern part of the province is an area filled with dry, rolling hills with a burning summer and a harsh winter, the western part is quite the opposite. Filled with lakes and scattered forests, it is a damp and humid place with a temperate climate. Because crops are easy to grow there, the society is simple and quiet – completely to the distaste of a girl named Liliana.

Liliana began her life in perhaps the smallest and sleepiest of all the small sleepy towns of Kinza. Living there was as exciting as watching paint dry – ironic considering that the town was named Paint, and it was never dry there. With less than two hundred residents, nothing much ever happened there except for the occasional wedding or funeral, forcing the town gossips to work overtime to find anything to talk about at all. Liliana’s parents owned the only store in Paint, and lived comfortably, but not in any way excessively.

Although Liliana appeared like the rest of the residents, quiet and cheerful, she spent her free time reading books or fantasizing about adventures. As a young child she would chatter away to her friends about her plans for expeditions and exploits, but as she grew older she began to realize that they found her stories boring. She talked less and less, and as she began listening more to the other children, Liliana realized that they bored her as much as she did them. By the time she reached her teenage years, her head seldom came out of the clouds, and her absentmindedness earned her the reputation of being a little odd and perhaps not all there.

Sixteen was the customary age for marriage in Paint, but as she neared that age, it dawned on Liliana that no one would seek out the crazy girl to marry, and if they did, her life would just continue on its slow, plodding, path until she died. Her mind was so active with these thoughts two weeks before her birthday, that hours after the rest of the town was asleep, she snuck out of the house and climbed a tree, ignoring the dampness and pitch that clung to her clothes. She sat perfectly still for three hours, mulling over her options, before hopping nimbly to the ground, decision written on her face. If Liliana’s parents heard rustlings coming from her room, they dismissed them as mice. By dawn Liliana’s cloak and dagger were gone, only a note in their place.

She wandered east, picking up odd jobs occasionally in some of the larger towns to earn money. She began introducing herself by the name of Coolea in the unlikely case that her parents searched for her, and never stayed in one place for long. The farther east she went, the dryer and busier it got, and the freer Liliana felt.

One year’s travel brought her to the capital of Kinza, Ninkov. Liliana immediately liked the excitement of the city, loving her anonymity and the variety of new sights and smells. There she decided to stay, and after several months of wandering around the city, she settled down as a salesperson at a sword-making forge. There she has remained, now at the age of nineteen.
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Please don't double/triple post.

When adding more information, please use the edit button instead!
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The OP is banned. Thread Locked
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The legend of the Things

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